Sunday, 1 July 2007

Conference Paper: Robust Multiplexed Model Predictive Control

A. G. Richards, K.-V. Ling and J. M. Maciejowski, Robust Multiplexed Model Predictive Control, European Control Conference, 2007.

Abstract: This paper extends the recently developed multiplexed model predictive control (MMPC) concept to ensure satisfaction of hard constraints despite the action of persistent, unknown but bounded disturbances. MMPC uses asynchronous control moves on each input channel instead of synchronised moves on all channels. It offers reduced computation, by dividing the online optimisation into a smaller problem for each channel, and potential performance improvements, as the response to a disturbance is quicker, albeit via only one channel. Robustness to disturbances is introduced using the constraint tightening approach, tailored to suit the asynchronous updates of MMPC and the resulting time-varying optimisations. Numerical results are presented, involving a simple mechanical example and an aircraft control example, showing the potential computational and performance benefits of the new robust MMPC.